Getting an Early Start on the Garden

Little garlic plants already making a huge effort.

OK, so it’s January 30, with a 3C high, but its sunny and, well, carpe diem. The plan was to have a group thing, but events conspired to waylay the rest of my posse, but I was damned if I wasn’t going to get this done.

Our garden last year was a washout — a combination of less than perfect weather and a string of family crises that made working it very difficult. I’m sure our fellow gardeners were mumbling about our pathetic effort. But I will not be cowed! Libby and I will be joined by my brother Kevin in making this a real family affair this year. We’re talking about what we’ll plant and excited about the spring. Today being somewhat “spring-like” it seemed a good time to get going. I know this will piss off my family and friends elsewhere in the country, but I have to say that surviving the constant rain is psychologically debilitating , so we need earn our warm winters.

I dug up about a third of the garden today. The soil was heavy with wet, but it was easy to get deep, which was a blessing. I ripped out a lot of the aggressive mint and horsetail and turned in some organic stuff to help. I found that our garlic had seeded and I had countless little babies starting! That was SO cool to find! I also found some new plants that had formed from last year’s planting, so I rearranged everything as well as I could and congratulated myself on my January gardening effort.

The claim staked today

  1. libby said:

    Thanks for working on our little community Case!
    You have inspired me to get my butt over there and work on the second third…Kev, you get the last bit!
    I think a trip to Bosa and the Hippie mart are in order…striped beets? Bortolotti beans? WHat to do, what to grow!
    Here is to another season of experiments and gardening love.
    See ya at the garden, hoe!

    • Kevin said:

      Someone just has to tell me where this fershluggener garden is.
      Had the kids all primed to go out there and play in the muck (what kids don’t like gardening?).
      Meltdown at the last minute.
      I’ll be out there soon.
      Still a few boxes to unpack, but I’ll get there.
      Nice blog Case.

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