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Image Source: dcJohn / License under Creative Commons 2.0

As this Community Garden blog morphs into one about gardens and nature, I feel my newest experience belongs here. I was out at the local casino this evening with my daughter and sister-in-law for dinner. It sits overlooking the Fraser River with a picturesque marina in the foreground. While sitting in the restaurant watching the river and the setting sun, I was marvelling at a great blue heron, standing stalk still and watching the river with rapt attention. Then my daughter spotted something moving in the water. She declared it to be a beaver.

I have to tell you that I have seen some wildlife in my time, but NEVER a beaver. Being Canadian, this almost seems treasonous. I was so excited, I probably made a fool of myself as I pressed my face against the glass to watch. I imagined beavers to be about the size of our small dog. No. This animal was as big as a golden retriever! He swam up and down towards us and away from us a couple of times, swishing his tail as he went. He was enormous and awe-inspiring.

It is stunning that in a relatively urban environment (Richmond does have a good blend of farms and fishing boats mixed in) that you can see something that I always assumed could only be found in Canada’s wildest places. What a treat and what a fantastic discovery.

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