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The weather is still pretty awful. It’s still really cool and I think people are going to start throwing themselves in front of buses soon if things don’t respond to the dawn of Summer Solstice tomorrow. It has been continually cool, but this week it hasn’t rained…much.


My friend, Amir 

Our little plants seem to be getting a foothold. It’s been busy this week with family and work, so other than a stop by on Saturday, I hadn’t been back to the garden until tonight. I inspected our lettuces, which seem to be growing! And, we’ve heard from the Italian beans…they’re up and looking for sunshine. I picked flowers off the oak leaf lettuce and arugula, which I think keeps them going. I also harvested about 15 little leaves to take home for a salad. That’s when Amir got my attention, inviting me to help myself to his absolutely gorgeous spinach. This spinach is the stuff of legends. Big beautiful, tender leaves without a blemish on them. And they tasted even better than they looked. It was like eating a bowl full of nature itself. The generosity of spirit at this garden is not something that I honestly anticipated. 

Amir\'s monster tomatoes

Amir’s monster tomatoes

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